THE apartment resort with hotel character in the Ötztal

Migratory birds are known to head south and what about the weird birds? They come to us in the Ötztal, of course.

“What the heck is this Lifesteil”, you ask? The best thing to do is to take a vulture dive into Ötztal, prepare for the landing approach and find out by yourself.

loft & love

Mainstream? You're probably beeping!

Do you want to know what the toucan is really crowing about? Then finally take off from home and join us in the Lifesteil jungle, Tarzan-style with the next liana if necessary. Ready to nest with us and enjoy the steep lifestyle? We’ve already done the nest building for you.

Botanik bar

The coolest Cocktailbar in the Ötztal

The early bird eats breakfast in the Botanik and enjoys itself unabashedly, while the night owls chirp away and turn into blue tits at a later hour.

Welcome to the jungle

Wellness with a bird's eye view

We don’t know about you, but we’d definitely rather have an infinity pool on the roof than a sparrow in our hand. Because when the pigeon needs a break, our wellness area is your “place to be”.

The Ötztal

The weirdest birds meet here

Whether it’s up the mountain in lockstep, down the slopes on a snow grouse, tarred and feathered over the latest bike route, exploring the nightlife with a schnapps thrush or really taking off culturally, every bird will find the perfect flight route with us.

steepy packages

Pick your favorite offer and get ready to fly the nest at home.

Are you a sensation vulture and want to know more about our Lifesteil?

Then head straight to the jungle adventure and klick here!